ISSMER Online Seminars – Video Recordings

We have recorded all of the ISSMER Online Seminar discussions, and made them available below for you to watch. The Online Seminars were each based on one of our core themes, developed at the last workshop in Stromness, Orkney. The aim is to get a quick update on current ISSMER member activities with the hope of bringing as many of us together to discuss our latest work and ideas.

Seminar 1 – Community

Seminar 2 – Consultation & Communication

Seminar 3 – Planning

Journal of Energy Policy, Strategic Paper

energypolicyKerr, Watts, Coltan, et al. (2014) Establishing an agenda for social studies research in marine renewable energy, Energy Policy 67, 694–702.

Download paper (Open Access on ScienceDirect)

A group of ISSMER members have collaborated on a paper ‘Establishing an agenda for social studies research in marine renewable energy’ published this month in Energy Policy, the International Journal of the Political, Economic, Planning, Environmental and Social Aspects of Energy. This paper sets out a  agenda for further research, based on our first workshop in Orkney, Scotland.

ISSMER Strategic Report

Download ISSMER Workshop Report ‘Establishing an Agenda for Social Studies of Marine Energy.

This report summarised the discussions, issues, and findings of the launch workshop held in Stromness, Orkney Islands, September 2012. We welcome your feedback and comments.

Launch Workshop 2012 ‘Washing Line’ Postcards

These postcards, ideas and concepts brainstormed during the workshop, were categorised into five themes. We also spent time developing these themes into potential projects. The collection of postcards and project notes are available below.

Member Publications

McLachlan, Carly. “‘You don’t do a chemistry experiment in your best china’: Symbolic interpretations of place and technology in a wave energy case.”Energy Policy 37.12 (2009): 5342-5350.

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Dankel, D.J., Aps, R., Padda, G., Röckmann, C., van der Sluijs, J.P., Wilson, D.C., et al. (2012) Advice under uncertainty in the marine system. ICES Journal of Marine Science 69 (1):3-7. doi: 10.1093/icesjms/fsr179.

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Röckmann, C. (2006) International cooperation for sustainable fisheries in the Baltic Sea. In: Ehlers, P./ Lagoni, R. (Editors) International Maritime Organisations and their Contribution towards a Sustainable Marine Development. Hamburg. Pages 239–257.




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