Yannick Leroy

Yannick Leroy photo

Yannick Leroy, PhD student, Nantes University (Geography Institute) and Rimouski Quebec University (Maritime Resource Management). My directors are Brice Trouillet (Nantes University) and Claude Rioux (Rimouski Quebec University).

My research work focuses on the process of sea & ocean industrialisation and the stakes for fishermen’s communities. More specificly, I am working on the social and political construction of the sea space promote by MSP, and the lack of human and social dimensions (“social seascape”) in this process (zoning and mapping). Kevin St Martin and Madeleine Hall-Arber in 2008, speak about that in using the term “missing layer” (“social seascape” of fisheries and fishing communities remains largely undocumented). My research is anchored in two different socio-political contexts : Magdalen islands in Quebec (oil & gaz exploitation) and Yeu island in France) (wind farm project).

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