Tavis Potts

tavis potts

Tavis Potts,¬†Senior Lecturer in Oceans Governance, Scottish Association for Marine Science, investigates the evolution of coastal and¬† marine institutions with a focus on the development of policy instruments such as marine planning, protected area management, and ‘green’ innovation and low carbon development along the coast. He is interested in policy implementation from the inshore to the high seas, and the complexities that face communities, industry and institutions facing natural and social change. Regionally, Tavis is focused on the UK, the NE Atlantic and the Arctic region but has field experience in oceans governance from the Polar Regions to Australia. Tavis works in applying social science methods to policy problems and the improving the links between the natural and social sciences to improve dialogue and integration.

Future research topics :

  • The development of coastal low carbon economies from an institutional, social and political perspective.
  • International comparative studies of coastal low carbon development.
  • Integrating sectors, policies, and planning – evolution of marine planning and ICZM.
  • Digital innovation and community engagement in coastal and marine planning.

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