Anne Marie O’Hagan

anne marie ohagan

Anne Marie O’Hagan has over 12 years of experience in coastal and marine research. Current research focuses on law, policy, and environmental aspects of ocean energy development and how these can be accommodated in planning and management systems. Anne Marie qualified in environmental science before undertaking a Ph.D. on the legal framework for coastal management in Ireland and subsequent degree in law. She has worked on national and European projects on coastal management and adaptation to climate change in coastal areas. She continues to be involved in multidisciplinary projects including the EU funded COEXIST project on interactions in coastal waters and SOWFIA project on streamlining EIA requirements for ocean energy.

Anne is Senior Research Fellow, Hydraulics and Maritime Research Centre (HMRC), University College Cork, Co. Cork, Ireland.

Future Research Interests:

  • Consenting processes including consultation
  • Ocean Energy in Maritime Spatial Planning
  • Interactions between sea uses
  • Community benefits of marine renewables
  • Public perceptions of marine renewables

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