International network for Social Studies of Marine Energy (ISSMER) has been established to bring together interdisciplinary researchers interested in the socio-cultural, economic, geographic, philosophical, organisational, and political aspects of marine renewable energy.

This website is a place for members to share resources, and to provide information about past and future events.


The marine renewable energy industry is at a crucial moment. Devices are now moving from engineering drawings to full-scale prototypes, and the first commercial large-scale wave and tide energy farms have been announced.

New developments in national grid electricity infrastructures are being planned, and large areas of the sea are being allocated to this new industry. Around the world countries are assessing the potential energy resource in their national waters.

This process of commercialisation is creating new interactions between environment, technology, and society. These take place in coastal communities, socio-economic markets, between other users of the sea, with policy-makers, amongst marine energy companies, and between governments.

ISSMER aims to support collaboration with these diverse communities, and to coordinate international research activities in the social studies of marine energy. We welcome new members from industry, academia, and policy. Please either join our mailing list or contact us to participate in the ISSMER network.

ISSMER Online Seminar 3 on ‘Planning’ – 14 January

This is the last of three online seminars we are hosting (1.5 hours each), to be held on Wednesday 14 January. Each event is based on one of our core themes, developed at the last workshop in Stromness, Orkney. The aim is to get a quick update on current ISSMER member activities with the hope [...]

ISSMER Online Seminar 2 on ‘Consultation’

This series of online seminar discussions is intended to bring together researchers interested in social, cultural, policy and planning issues related to marine energy, and ocean power. Everyone is invited to participate in these video conferences, but places are limited. The second online seminar on ‘Consultation’ is taking place on December 16. Details below… Theme: [...]

Video recording of ISSMER online seminar 1 on ‘community’

For those of you unable to attend ISSMER online seminar 1 last week, the following video recording has now been made available. The seminar slides can be downloaded as well: Sandy Kerr: Community Benefits – Fair shares or token gestures? Glen Wright: Rights & Ownership in Marine Spaces

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  • New book announcement: Sea Narratives: Cultural Responses to the Sea, 1600-present July 11, 2016
    Book that might be of relevance to ISSMER members (see below)… best wishes to all- Laura. Laura Watts Associate Professor | | | Technologies in Practice (TiP) Research Group | IT University of Copenhagen Begin forwarded message: Apologies for […]
    Laura Watts
  • Ocean renewable energy in Southeast Asia May 26, 2016
    Dear ISSMER, Greetings from the sunny Singapore! I am Mary Ann Quirapas, a research associate from the Energy Research Institute at Nanyang Technological University (ERI@N), I am happy and excited to know about ISSMER and the kind of research work you are all engaged in. Very much appreciativ […]
    Quirapas, Mary Ann Joy Robles
  • Re: [ISSMER] Grad Student Interested in Collaborating with ISSMER while in UK November 16, 2015
    Hi Thomas, My name is Marisa McNatt, and I'm a PhD candidate in Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado-Boulder, and am part of the ISSMER network. After completing my comprehensive exam in spring 2015, I moved to Seattle from Boulder, to live with my fiancé, Aaron, full time. […]
    Marisa McNatt
  • Establishing a Legal Research Agenda for Ocean Energy November 13, 2015
    Hi all, Just a quick message to tell you about a new paper entitled "Establishing a Legal Research Agenda for Ocean Energy", published in Marine Policy. The paper is free to access here until December 30. Please don't hesitate to download it and share with your networks! ( […]
    Glen Wright